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Reblog: Palin is the pick

I've posted a few snippets to this blog from my high school history teacher's posts. He's a really insightful guy when it comes to politics and the big picture. In the light of CNN and just about every other news agency reaching and digging to find fault in John McCain's pick for a running mate, it's nice to read something maybe not less biased, but a bit more rational.

Anyone that has been in my class for long knows that I have been touting Sarah Palin for the VP pick of the GOP for a long time. So today, finally, I am actually excited about this election season. (I am on record as officially "tepid" concerning the campaign of John McCain) So, why, exactly have I supported Sarah Palin for so long you might ask? ... Sarah Palin has the additional upside of having true outsider credentials. No one will be able to claim that she is either a Beltway Insider (both John McCain and Joe Biden face this charge), or a Machine Politician, a charge that Barack Obama faces in David Freddoso's recent book.

In any case, I definitely recommend reading it. He makes some points you're not going to read in the newspaper or see on FOX News (like any of you actually watch that channel) or CNN.

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