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Reblog from Real Clear Politics

The only thing that would make me happier is a president or candidate genuinely in touch with this righteous anger. Dream on. Mr. Bush swims every day in the confusing pool of "big-government conservatism," his oxymoronic guiding philosophy. And you could feel Sens. McCain and Obama squirm as they dog-paddled through these treacherous waters at their debate. Mr. Obama dared not reveal his fondness for the bailout, lest voters confirm the big-government altar where he worships. Mr. McCain dared not reveal too much skepticism for fear of being labeled as "doing nothing." Into that vacuum marched 133 Republicans and 95 Democrats with the guts to say no. The responsibility now falls to them to chart a course to financial stability that places the burden on Washington and Wall Street, rather than a mostly blameless public.

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