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Re-blog: Brad King – Shut Your Digital Native Piehole (52 of 90)

Some insightful observations. Why should we teach media literacy? Right here is a good reason.

These children have grown up with digital technologies, but in a very limited way. They know a few things quite deeply, but they – as we did at their age – have no great appreciation of the subtleties of the tools. The expanse and use of the tools. The possibilities for tools that don’t yet exist. They can push buttons, but they can’t make them.

Brad King: - Shut Your Digital Native Piehole (52 of 90).

Definitely poignant. How do we increase the literacy of kids? This is why we need media and digital citizenry taught in school. Kids grow up with computers, but they don't know how to really use all the tech that's out there. There is also Henry Jenkins' position of ethical standards not being learned in an always-on world. Being native doesn't equal being literate. And literacy has changed.