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@rcjohnso on Twitter

It’s a medium that feeds off authenticity.

Yeah, and what’s nice is that it’s genuinely something you can’t fake. Twitter specifically is a fundamentally honest thing. Like you can tell if somebody is on it and using it because they are enjoying doing it. I think it’s just this wall of glass where you can see right through somebody’s motivations for being on it. And you can connect with people that you, you know, like Edgar, for example. I met him because we, I think, initially we connected on Twitter. It’s like you do meet people that are professional peers that you respect, and you do form like a cloud of people online in this universe that you get to know other people through. You actually end up forming real relationships because of that.

via Noir to near-future: Looper director Rian Johnson talks sci-fi, Twitter, and the fate of film | The Verge.