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[psuweb13] All the experiences

Current status: Winging my way back to sunny Austin, TX.

Also current status: Missing the nearly non-stop give and take of participating in a social and intellectual experience that I'm always reminded should not be taken for granted.

This week I spent a few days in State College, PA at the Web Conference at Penn State (also known as #psuweb). Nearly a year ago I packed up a truck and moved to Austin with my wife and dog, leaving a career in higher education behind. But I wasn't really leaving it behind. In my heart I want to continue to work with institutions and help them do better and be better. I like going to these conferences maybe not so much for what comes out of the sessions (though there was a lot of quality at psuweb), but certainly for the hours spent talking about big ideas and life and money and business and decisions and directions and food and... everything.

Over the course of the six years I spent working within the higher ed system I've made some of the greatest friendships of my life. And it's bittersweet to leave that group and split back to our different corners of the country. This year, though, we're making plans to get together outside of the hustle and bustle of a conference. And that makes me pretty excited.