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Project Overload

This week has been absolutely nuts. I'm hoping I'm not heading toward burnout at work. I'm trying not to. It's become super important for me to protect my time, otherwise I wouldn't get anything done.

After a long day of talking to people and trying to explain to them what exactly it takes to provide them with the web stuff they are asking for, I come home and work on freelance stuff. The good part about that is that I should have a new project premiering later this week after a a couple months of work (sporadic, of course).

I have another WordPress template coming out in a couple of weeks. In fact, I completely redesigned said template because I wasn't happy with the previous one.

Also found out at the beginning of the week I've got about $1300 worth of car repairs I need to take care of. Great. I need some more freelance jobs to pay for the fixes.

Couple other exciting things coming up including National Novel Writing Month in November. If you're participating in NaNoWriMO, make sure you add me as a writing buddy!