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Post-graduate Ideas

I've been starting to look at possibilities for post graduate research. I still have a good bit of time before I finish my Master's (over a year), but I'm a planner. And so is my wife.

I really want to do my doctorate in the UK and think I have found a perfect programme at the University of Sussex. I need to do a bit more looking into the programme and see if it is right for me. But I really like the prospects. The uni offers a DPhil and have a lot of faculty working in media and cultural fields. Seems perfect.

Part of this exploration is to help me focus on what my final thesis will be for my MA. I have a couple of interesting ideas that I may follow, but knowing where I want to be for my doctorate will help me develop a strong framework for study.

If there's one thing I know about myself is that I need boundaries to get things done. Whether that is in the form of deadlines or ideology -- I need some structure if I am going to accomplish my goals.

The thought of moving to the UK in a few years is super exciting... Not to mention the thought of contributing actively and, hopefully, greatly to my field.