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Jessica and I had a great three year anniversary yesterday.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="334" caption="Jess and Water Lilies"]Jess and Water Lilies[/caption]

After going to the St Louis Art Museum, we went to Wm. Shakespeare's, a gastropub in the St Louis theatre district. The food was amazing. We had mushroom flatbread (made in house), Jessica ordered half a roast chicken that was amazing, I had fried rabbit with carrots and tatties. It was so good. We shared an apple and almond tart for dessert before heading home.

The orchids I had ordered for Jess arrived before I was home for lunch, which was great. I was afraid they'd show up after we had left for St Louis. All in all, we had a great anniversary. Probably the best one yet.

I have a couple more photos in my flickr photostream if you want to check them out.