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Portugal, Day Two: The Wedding

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We got to bed at 4:30. AM. Yay for bachelor parties. Luckily we didn't have to be anywhere until lunchtime. We woke up and walked to a café a block away and had coffee (read: espresso) and pastries. AMAZING pastries. That's one thing Portugal should be famous for. If not for Port wine and Cork, pastries must be third. It ended up being me, Jessica and Brian. Since Karl was a groomsman, he had to go early to get ready and Lacey, of course, went with him. Jon had to go early to figure out his shots for the wedding.

Brian's great. We had a great time chatting with him and just hanging out. After breakfast we went back and started getting ready. He let me borrow an extra tie he brought as I had left mine at home by accident.

When we were all dressed we headed over to the Anjos's house where pretty much everyone was. We got there at that inevitable moment when all hell is breaking loose. They kept it together though and we were off, back to Casa das Ribas.

When we got there I found out Jon wasn't feeling very good, so I offered to help him out with photos. I ended up perching myself on this built up balcony sort of thing that overlooked the courtyard where the ceremony took place. It was a decent place to be but light-wise, the sun was pretty much in front of me, which made it hard at various points during the wedding. But it worked out in the end and I got some great shots.

The Venue

Getting Married

The ceremony was beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous. Despite rain the couple days before the sun was out, the temperature was super-comfortable, there was a very slight breeze... it was amazing.

Following the ceremony we headed across the grounds to where the reception was held. Now, you need to understand that this was a traditional, Portuguese reception. It lasted from about 5:30pm until 1:30am. We had three or four meals. It was the single most amazing wedding reception I have ever seen.

We got the space where we were to eat hors d'oeuvres while wedding pictures were being taken. After setting our things down in reception canopy, we started mingling. The food was fantastic. Oysters, fish cakes, traditional Portuguese spiced sausage (choriz, I think it's spelled), and more. So good. We kind of kept our group of me and Jessica, Brian, and our new friends Ryan and Jocelyne (friends of Liz and Brian) in the shade a huge tree. Karl and Lacey hung out with us off and on too.

After a couple of hours we were ushered into the dinner tent. We sat down and had some of our new Portuguese friends sitting with us as well. I'm pretty sure the menu consisted of soup, two entrees, coffee, a dessert buffet, a cheese buffet, cake... oh and a midnight meal. Memorable. Certainly. The food was excellent too. Carrot/Spinach soup, fish with potatoes, veal (delicious) and rice, veggies, tons of desserts, incredible cheeses, espresso, and then fish cakes and red beans. Fairly mind-blowing.


There was dancing, songs sung to the bride and groom, laughing, talking, glass clinking... just really really fun. And it lasted till at least 1:30 in the morning. Then we threw the rice and went home. The next day we would be heading off...