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Plugin: Twitter Tools

I have settled (at least for now) on a plugin to handle my tweets on twitter. It's a cool little plugin by Alex King called Twitter Tools. The plugin is still in beta and has a couple of quirks. 

But what's it used for? Well, if you visit here often at all (or follow me via RSS like I know Doc J does) you've probably seen the posts that go up everyday at 11:59 PM title Twitter Updates for ------. That's one feature that the plugin has. It takes all of my Twitter updates for the day and compiles them into a post and automagically posts it at the end of the day. Cool yes?

It also includes a widget that displays the most recent tweet I've made. I'm finding that this has a quirk. It doesn't display my reply tweets even though I've specifically set it in the plugin settings to do so. It doesn't update as often as my previous plugin did, but it does a lot more. So I consider this a suitable give and take.

It does a few things that I don't use. I can write and post a tweet in the WordPress Admin. I can also have the plugin automatically post a tweet when I update my blog (I think), and I might actually start using that. It will also create a post out of every tweet.

Anyway, it's pretty cool. I think Randall is also using it...? Check it out if you a) have a WordPress blog and b) twitter.

Twitter Tools
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