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P is for Panda

I got my Panda shirts today!

Jessica ordered me this one and the white version of this one.

P is for Panda was started by Chad Pearson, who was one of my bosses when I interned at The Militia Group in 2005. Chad actually is one of the founders of that label, signed and helped discover some of Tooth and Nail's pivotal artists back in the 90s, and most recently he and his wife moved to Georgia to start this incredible company.

Basically, Panda is a really cool business model that supports equally the artist, the charity of their choice, and operations for the company. Split the profits three-ways and you've got P is for Panda. Chad's an incredible guy who attracts amazing artists and this company is an example of that.

Seriously. Go check out the shirts and stuff and order something. You'll know you're supporting good causes. AND, the designs are awesome.

P is for Panda