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On the New Health Care Law

I was going to write out a nice post with a summation of the things I don't like about the new bill-become-law, but you know what? Other people have written these thoughts down in better ways than I will, expressing the same concerns and informing new ones that I have. I've written in the past about how I am not a fan of government-run health care. This isn't to say I am against universal health care in general--it's just that I have little faith in central government to dish it out fairly, cost-effectively, and beneficially. Why is that? Look at their track record with other programs.

Dr. John Mark Reynolds wrote a great overview of why he supports universal health care--just not the current health care legislation. He mentions something about Conservatives that I think is worth quoting because around these decision-times there tend to be memes that start floating around that over-generalize the Conservative mindset (note: I mean actual Conservativism--not the fiscally irresponsible, arrogant shell of the past decade's Conservative thought). I don't consider myself a full-on Conservative, but I definitely lean toward proven values and responsibility. Here is that piece, and I'd encourage you to read the rest of his reasons.

Conservatives are not all libertarians. We recognize that some government help may be necessary, but also know that at some point help becomes a hindrance. Health care is not the only good thing in a society. There are also the values of the soul: liberty and happiness. It is the American and Christian idea that too much government can stifle the soul of a man.

Why I Support Universal Health Care - The Scriptorium Daily, John Mark Reynolds