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On Personal Rebranding

I am considering rebranding myself... again.

Yes, this site did just go through a redesign a few months ago. I'm still happy with it, but I've had this idea bouncing around in my head for the last 14 months and I finally got around to playing with it... and I really like it.

But the cost of doing a new personal rebrand would be time. I'd need a new site design and probably need to order new MOO cards, not to mention redo my CV, résumé and invoice letterhead... The idea is so cool though.

How important is consistency in personal branding? Maybe consistency isn't what I mean. More like... how often can someone revise their brand? I don't think I have much equity in my own personal brand, and this next version would have some sticking power. I think.

Any thoughts on personal rebranding? Is it too soon for me? Should I just do it anyway?