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On My Way to Victorville...

...where I know someone who knows it there - @limbeck

Well, Apple Valley, which is right next to Victorville. Early Wednesday morning Jessica and I will be boarding a Southwest flight at MKE and winging our way to the west coast, arriving in Ontario and able to spend the whole day basking the sweet glow of the Golden State. My baby sister is graduating from high school on Friday, making this a perfect time for us to stop by my home state.

I haven't been home to California during the summer since college. Meaning, it's been about 6 years. We've been back for Christmas, but the busy-ness of the holidays and the specific slant to marketing and image makes for an abnormal visit. This week we'll be seeing friends, enjoying the dry desert heat, eating great food, and, for me, reconnecting with a part of California that I really miss: the summer.

We get to spend a fair amount of time with my family too, a whole 8 days. In fact, we're going to spend the day at the Getty when we arrive, and then pick up my Grandpa that evening.

I'm also super-excited to see so many friends I haven't seen in years. It'll be a great time. If you want to get together while we're in-state, let me know! Let's make it happen.