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Not Discovering at the Center

Day two of HighEdWeb is finished. Just about anyway. A lot of the attendees went to the "excursion" to the Discovery Center. Which looks semi-fun. But I'm tired and missing my wife and needed food other than "heavy hors d'oeurves" and I really want to watch the debate tonight. So I found a Chipotle. And ate it. I'm watching tv and waiting for the debate to start.

So check out my new friend/collegue's blog - He works for a major university in Texas (for now anyway) and has some great design and layout ideas. If you're a web developer, he's definitely someone to check out.

One of the best parts of this conference has been the twitter conversations. We trended higher than #obama and #sarahpalin and #tinafey during this week. It's been pretty cool. If you want to check out what we talked about click here.

I've gotten a ton of great idea -- moreso today than yesterday -- about things we can possibly do at GC in the near future. Should be cool.

And I get to drive home tomorrow and take care of my ill wife. She came down with a nasty cold just after I left and I've felt pretty bad for her. (Hopefully I'm not going to get sick before we leave for West Virginia on Thursday evening.)