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No #hustle no gain.

The end of July/first half of this month has been crazy hectic for me. Austin is truly the land of opportunity for someone like me – I picked up three new clients right away after starting work at Capital Factory. It's great to be able to help out some of the young startups here while still making a little bit of money. What's not fun is promising all of your time away.

I think this past week I work 12-15 hours a day, 5 or 6 days in a row. It all blurs together a bit, so I'm not entirely sure. The fruit of that: today TIU launched its new undergraduate site. This is kind of my last hurrah for them (and higher ed, unless I decide to go back at some point). I had the concept earlier this year and designed the aesthetic components in April. And today it's alive.

Last week we launched MyTIU - something I had been working on for them. So... two projects down and I feel like I'v e nearly tied up all the loose ends I left at TIU back in June.

Otherwise I've been working for a tennis startup that's about to start their Betaspring stint; Volume11 stuff, of course – actually most of my week is for v11; Dept. 3 work; a company called GetPromotd hired me to do some design work for them. All around, a diverse range of things to do.