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New Things for the End of the Year

So much stuff is happening all at once. At work, at home. I'm glad the end of the year is coming, and that Christmas is almost here!

Yesterday and today I am working on finalizing GC's contract with dotCMS to redesign and develop our school's website. The agreement and invoice should come through today and if all works out we'll be rolling next week or just after the new year. They even hinted at us being up and running in two months or so, which would be fantastic. So I am excited at all of those possibilities, not to mention getting to work on a good site.

Kevin K comes to work January 12th. He and I will be tag teaming the dotCMS deployment and managing our student workers. It's super exciting to have him back. Kevin was one of my student workers before he graduated.

I am eating out three times today. Two of those are free. And tonight we're going to St Louis with friends to celebrate an engagement as well as a couple graduations.

Jessica is officially done with classes and only has two more finals left before she is a college graduate. That is super exciting. We're still waiting to see if I get into the grad program at Syracuse, but hopefully it won't be too much longer. This waiting has given us plenty of time to pray for it. Jess is looking for a job for next semester, and hopefully has one. But if you hear of one in our area, let me know! Hopefully we'll be in New York in about five months.

Our holiday plans are BUSY. Our third anniversary is next Wednesday. Then, a week later, we leave for West Virginia to have Christmas with Jessica's parents. The plan is to stay there through New Years. Hopefully we can have a party or something with all of our West Virginia friends. We're hoping anyway. We miss them.

Then we drive up to Pontiac, Michigan for my great grandma's 100th birthday party, dropping Cors off in Columbus at Danny's house on the way up. My family is meeting us in Michigan, which will be fun. Then we drive back to Greenville and start a new year. I'm glad gas is cheaper now. We've got a lot of driving ahead of us.

Our Christmas cards should be showing up any day now, and then they'll be sent off. I hope you're having a great December!