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Just announced, my wife's site -- -- has a brand new design.

I started designing this yesterday and got it coded out today. I had a rough time nailing down the aesthetic for her site this time around. But after a few other ideas for other projects (that didn't get used), I cobbled something together that I am pretty proud of.

I think the new template is pretty classy and sophisticated. And it still makes every photo Jess chooses stand out.

The template itself is built for WordPress 3.0 and makes use of the new Nav Menu manager and post thumbnails. I've also left it open for a later public release by having and interchangeable, dynamic header image as well as the image for the background.

The design also makes a lot of use of CSS3, so I recommend checking it out in an up-to-date version of Safari, Firefox or Chrome. Go let her know what you think! The template is titledĀ Encyclopaedic.