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Nearly Christmas

We are sat upstairs watching Love Actually (which I'm disappointed to realise we purchased -- for some unknown reason -- in full frame), drinking coffee and eating cookies. Jessica is sorting through her beads, puppy is sleeping under the futon and in front of the space heater.

The presents are all wrapped and in boxes, ready to be transported to West Virginia, and some on to Michigan after the New Year. Monday is the last day of real work I have until 2009. Tuesday I am entered in our office chili cookoff, which will be fun. First cookoff since the ones my church held when I was in high school and I won those. Our traditional office Christmas party, where we go see a movie in town is after that.

Then, Jess, Cors and I will be driving the eight hours to West Virginia for Christmas. We are all ready to go. I particularly have no desire to go to work, but will because they pay me to be there. And I'm sure there will be a couple of updates to make to the website(s).

Blah blah blah. Done blogging for today. That was pointless. Love Actually is hilarious and brilliant.