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My Time Is Not Valued

...or it's over-valued. I'm not sure which.

But I am about ready to quit this job. Perhaps not really, but I am not happy about the way I am treated here. And it's only since the new leadership came into play. It drives me nuts.

This happens a lot lately, but I got a call from Annie in Advancement at about 2:30 this afternoon. She tells me she just warning me about what's coming down the pike.

It turns out that really she had been asked to talk to me about a job I was apparently given without being consulted. In fact, if she hadn't told me, I probably wouldn't have found out until tomorrow. The task came from the college president and one of the vice presidents -- though not to me. It seems that with the rash of swine flu pandemonium going on they want to improve the information page that they had me create.

But the best part is that they want it done by tomorrow. Like, tonight, I guess. I don't know why it's so urgent that it needs to be done right this instant, and can't wait till next week. Or why they couldn't have decided this LAST week and then talked to me. Everything is so stupidly last-minute with these people.

The real kicker is that they have no idea what they want. So I guess they're looking at other schools' landing pages to figure it out. But here it is, 4:15 PM and I still have no information beyond that first call.

It's not like I could get it done by tomorrow anyway. The one idea they had (FAQ style layout) would take me a couple of days to develop. Or maybe a full day. Because we don't have a developer on staff. They fired him.

So what the hell am I supposed to do??? Pisses me off. And this happens every. other. week. Gah!!!

I want to quit and just freelance all the time.