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More Bad Movies (Well, Just One)

Last night we saw The Day the Earth Stood Still, which we knew was going to be awful, but a friend of ours asked us to go see it with him and his girlfriend, so we did.

First thing I noticed: it's an effing Microsoft advert! I mean seriously. Microsoft logos are everywhere, the military personnel use a MS Surface, even the back of the computer monitors have the Windows image on them! I realized the plot was going to be much different than the original before we saw it, but I wasn't aware that Microsoft was a major backing partner of the film. It was annoying. I'm not sure anyone else noticed, but as a computer geek and minor film geek, and particularly a marketing geek, I more than just noticed it. I was bombarded by it.

Secondly, I disappointed that the 'moral' of the story was saving the earth, ecologically. The original's message of aggression, human nature, and impending nuclear war would have worked just as well today, I think. Instead, it was all about saving the earth.

The ending was ridiculous. And I'm still not sure what happened. I won't give it away if you're someone who is wanting to see it, but it was silly.

The graphics were just plain bad. There was one particular CG shot of a transport helicopter taking off from the ground, and it looked BAD. The physics were fine, but the texture and shape of the copter were just too smooth. CG animals were horrible too.

In any case. Bad movie. Not terrible, not unenjoyable, but not worth a second view or a purchase. Not nearly. I will say that I love how Keanu Reeves looks bad ass in every single on of his movies, but can't act for anything. This is no different. Keanu is awesome. His acting blows.