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Mini-Review: Vampire Weekend in St Louis

Last night we ventured into the Delmar Loop in St Louis to that most historic (hah) of concert venues, The Pageant. Vampire Weekend was billed and we were excited as our plans to see them were twice thwarted over the summer.

Anyway. The show was great. They literally played every one of their own songs that they knew. That included three new ones that I thought were pretty cool. And they were spot-on the entire time.

Apparently this was their first trip to St Louis. That's good. St Louis, despite it being really diverse and just weird, has a really good concert-going scene. The crowds are usually great, and last night was not the exception. The guys from Vampire Weekend mentioned how much fun it was to play in St Louis and that they're excited to come back with two albums worth of material next time.

What I was really impressed with (apart from the drum kit and guitars sounding FANTASTIC) was how gracious they were. They don't come across as rock stars. And maybe it's because I know a lot of people in bands, but that's the same vibe they put out: just your friends who happen to have a band. And that's nice.