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Micro-review: Lincoln

Jessica and I saw Lincoln last night at Violet Crown Cinema here in Austin. This'll be a super-brief review, but I wanted to convey some of the thoughts I had before I forget them.

From a filmmaking perspective the film was very well done – as one should expect from Steven Spielberg. At 2.5 hours long, it could easily have felt that way, but it really didn't. The pacing of the film was spot-on, driven, I think, by a witty and engaging script. The dialogue was fantastic and every time Lincoln started to tell another story I was immediately sucked into it.

That brings us to Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln. Spectacular, as I had expected. His delivery, cadence, and movements were so perfect I found myself forgetting who the actor was. Tommy Lee Jones surprised me, however. His performance was just as good as DDL's, even if his character was at the other end of the emotional spectrum. Some of the most stirring and powerful speeches were given by Jones' character.

The cinematography was beautiful with decently accurate period lighting and colouring that served to propel the film forward and create an engulfing sense of time and space.

I don't know as much about Lincoln as I do other historical figures, but the overall historicity of the plot seemed plausible and accurate – but I'll let others comment on its factual accuracy.

I definitely recommend this film.