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Making Headway

Last night, while nothing was on TV, I started working on my blog redesign. And I actually got a large chunk of it done. Seriously, the video screencast series that Chris Coyier over at put out has helped me out so much. It's been really fantastic.

So, I've got the basic structure done; header, main content, sidebar and footer all ready to go and styled. I'm going to start working on typography and the special trick in the header the next time I get a chance to work on it. I'm pretty excited. It's looking good.

My plan is to have the redesign finished before I send my grad school application in. That way, if they visit, the letterhead and website will match each other. I'm going more sparse on "extraneous" sidebar info and stuff. Plus hard coding it all in. I think I'm over widgets for my own designs. I'll widgetize the templates that are going out to the community.

Tomorrow I'm going up to Champaign with Pancho to help him shoot a wedding. I'm pretty excited. It's cool to be getting some more experience.

I'll be a six hour shoot, plus to drive up and back. But he is paying me. Which is an added bonus. And I know the couple getting married. It should be a fun day, with lots of learning.