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Hey, hey. We just launched a new site built on WordPress and using my Prodigious theme.

I built the site for this guy called Dean Fields. He plays some pretty awesome sort of music that you should check out. And you should also check out his fantastic new site.

A couple of things: Contrary to what the listing in portofolio says, we didn't use the Gigs Calendar plugin (which is fantastic, by the way). Dean had a thing going with this website and he organized all his shows there. The site was a bit tough to work with but I was able to get a raw XML feed to parse for the Upcoming Shows feature. That's probably what took the longest. The "all shows" view is just an iframe from Artist Data -- which I kind of hated to do, but it was the easiest and nicest looking solution.

As far as browsers go, I haven't done much debugging for IE7 yet. But if you're here reading my blog you probably don't use IE7 regularly. Looks great in Safari and Firefox.

The "photo" on the front uses the jQuery Cycle plugin. It's super cool and I've used it on a couple of other projects.

In any case, go check out his new site and his music!