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Last Weekend of Stress

This is my last weekend of being ridiculously stressed out. I am taking the GRE on Monday morning. Early. It's the second time I've taken the test. The first time around I didn't do so well... maybe okay for the program I'm applying to, but not good enough for myself.

My plans are to study all day today (after studying all week already) and as much of tomorrow as possible. Then Monday I'll wake up really early, drive to SLU and take the test. I'm actually feeling more confident than I felt at the beginning of the week - which is a good thing.

I will feel an incredible sense of release when it's over. I won't have to do study anymore. Next week I'll finish up my application and get it submitted. Early. I really need to get into this program.

And now that this new design is up, I probably need to finish the Résumé page, fix my letterhead for résumés and cover letters and my CV, and then nip and tuck the rest of the blog template issues.

I'd appreciate any comments (or bug reports) on the new design. Let me know what you think! I'm pretty sure I'll be submitting it (minus the moving cloud - probably) to in the near future. That, along with the Rock Out Loud (AgapeFest 2009) template - which should be going live on next week (fingers crossed).