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The Internet ... it's not another place // @reckless

The internet isn’t an adjunct to real life; it’s not another place. You don’t do things "on the internet," you just do things. The network is interwoven into every moment of our lives, and we should treat it that way.

via The internet is fucked | The Verge @reckless

Wait... haven't I been saying that for years? The internet hasn't been a place to go to for a long time, yet it's still treated like something we don't know what to with. I'm sure there's a great paper topic in there about media power discourse and the great duping of the public (because, believe me, broadband providers are certainly duping the public in many ways), but this article from Nilay Patel is important. It's important because it's completely correct and we can bypass my wont of sourcing an academic paper on all this and get to the truth of the matter in one well-written article.

That much concentrated power (think about Comcast... they own the pipes, they own the delivery, they own the studio, they own the production) can't be a good thing. Ever.