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Instant Recall

Wow. It's been sort of a crazy week. Elections, hype, work, noveling and lots and lots of nostalgia.

I'm a person who attaches memories to songs. I always have. Today I discovered someone's music collection through Mojo (an iTunes network sharing program). He had so much music that I lost when my hard drive crashed at the beginning of this year and I've spent the day filling in those gaps. I've got from around 9200 tracks back up to 12,000. That's still nowhere near the 29,000 I had at the height of my music collection.

I've also been using the release candidate of Songbird today and it's been surprisingly great. I can scrobble from the player (built-in) and control loved tracks. Plus it loads the album info into the sidebar including the recommended artists - but not only that it lists the tracks I have by those artists. Songbird has a built in browser and music blog searcher for downloading music. And it's pretty fast. A lot faster than the development releases I've been trying out for so long.

A Dashboard Confessional song came on in the middle of the day and took me all the way back to my sophomore year of college, sitting in front of my Windows desktop... it was actually a little bit emotional. Sometimes I forget how strongly my memories come on when I hear certain songs or artists and it surprises me.

But then, that's what I've always loved about music. It's like another sense. Smells and tastes do similar things. Moods also get attached to songs for me. In any case, it's been nostalgic.