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In Desperate Need...

...of a break. I have been going almost non-stop for a few months. We had a nice break over Thanksgiving with my mom and sister visiting us. I got nothing done that I needed to and then all of that came crashing down on me once they left. But it was worth it to gain back my sanity and to enjoy my family's presence.

Freelance kind of jumped off a cliff and went soaring this month. I'm working on two projects for Department Three clients and one for the wife of our university president. And that's fine. Except for having finals and school and all that stuff. Luckily, my large, intensive final is finished.

So I can focus on coding these last two sites and wrapping up my classes before we take off next week for West Virginia and our long Christmas break.

Prior to Christmas, Jessica and I are going to Williamsburg, VA for our fifth wedding anniversary. It's be five years. Amazing. Doesn't seem like it's been that long while at the same time seeming longer. We're going to have a nice 3 day weekend away from responsibility just to enjoy a massage, history, great food, relaxation, and each other's company.

In any case, I plan on returning to work on 3rd January re-energized and ready to dive into a CMS migration project.