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I'm Joining RecoVend

This year at #heweb11 I was finally able to meet Kyle Judah in person. We shared the best BBQ in Texas with Michael Staton one night in Austin and talked about startups, the tech industry, how amazing the brisket was, and RecoVend - the new service Kyle was starting with Jason Woodward.

Kyle and I had some adventures with the likes of @sethodell, @mallorywood, and a couple of the Inigral guys and formed a quick bond.

When I got back from the conference, Kyle and Jason approached me to see if I would be interested in joining RecoVend as Creative Director. I'm excited to announce that I accepted and will be helping make this awesome service look as beautiful as it is brilliant. At the start, I'll be helping out in a part-time capacity, working to hit some early goals while maintaining my current work at Trinity International University.

If you work in the education sector and haven't signed up at RecoVend, head on over, register, and help us build the best resource possible for researching education products and services!

(I promise it will start looking amazing very soon.)