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I'm a Winner. Now What?

Well. Now that the novel is out of the way, I have other projects to attend to.

Next up on the list is putting together a website for my good friend Chris. It'll be nice to put some time into designing again and I'm particularly excited about the asthetic he's going for. It's going to be sort of and 80s color palette mixed with grunge elements and a futuristic interface. Sort of. I am pretty happy with what I've come up with so far.

Around the house I've got more wainscot to put up plus chair rail and crown molding. I need to get some shoe board or quarter round for some of the rooms and we have a hole that needs to be patched under our window.

I still need to finish a bit of my novel's story. I won, but the story isn't finished yet. There's probably close to another thousand words left. Hopefully I can get that squared away in the next day or so.

We're supposed to get snow tomorrow here in Greenville, which will be nice. It's already feeling like Christmas. Thanksgiving break has been great. It's the first time that Jessica and I have stayed home for during an extended break and it's been greatly relaxing. We'll be heading to West Virginia the day before Christmas Eve and then to Michigan on 02 January.

I love this season. Peppermint ice cream, pumpkin pie, Starbucks Christmas Blend... mmmm. Yes. All food related. Anyway. I hope you're having a great season!