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I Wish...

I just wish that I could actually talk about the issues with my Obama supporting friends. But it seems all I encounter from that camp are smear stories and personal attacks on the candidates and their families. I don't really understand that. When you listen to Barack speak he's said repeatedly he doesn't want the campaign to be about dirt and "red meat" as the media has been calling it, but instead about the issues.

But maybe that's too hard for a culture entrenched in on-demand content and ubiquitous internet. Maybe because the candidate himself isn't offering any frivolous attack, the supporters feel the need to do so. Not that the Republican side isn't doing the same. I'm sure that's happening too. But I haven't seen as much of it... at least not yet.

But I've already seen Cindy McCain called a "tranny" and criticized for purchasing a designer dress (with her own money, I might add); making fun of the fact that the RNC purchased a stock photo of a black couple riding bikes for one of their videos (as opposed to filming actual supporters?); loads of making fun of Palin; and then just your typical "fear-mongering," "big oil," "same old thing" jargon.

But nothing on the real issues. Just a bunch of straw men, built up to distract everyone. Or maybe it's just most of the people I know don't pay attention to the actual substance of this year's election. Maybe it really is all about the PR and better videos and nice suits and making fun of the other candidate just because he is the other candidate.

I know this has been the state of politics for a long time in the US, but with all of the talk of change and peace and needing something different to happen I probably raised my hopes too high that something would actually change. But no. Media is media, and people are as susceptible as ever. More and more I see that few want to take responsibility for themselves or their actions but are content with shifting the blame or just being selfish.

If you've read this and it's generated any thoughts, I'd like to hear them. Either way. If you're someone that thinks about the issues in the campaign, I'd like to hear your thoughts as well. Leave a comment or use the contact link above to email me.