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I need more gear

I'm planning an order for some more camera gear. I need a bag, some filters and possibly a tripod/monopod. Yay!

Also, I'm going to add a link to my Amazon wishlist to the Meta section in the sidebar. Just in case someone wants to get me something...

Which is unlikely.

We cleaned up the house today, unwrapped our furniture, washed the floors. It was great. Or, it is great, now that we're finished.

The chapter of the Communication Honours Society that we belong to (Lambda Pi Eta) is having a progressive dinner. We are one of the stops, hence the cleaning. I was dumb and took the main course stop. It won't be bad thought. We're making my mom's lasagna, which is amazing. Three trays of it will feed everyone; I'm confident in that. It's exciting.

Now we're watching America Splendor, which I haven't watched since my Junior year of college. I now remember how good it is. And I think Jess is enjoying it too.