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I Love Accomplishment

I feel really good this evening. I spent two days today doing markup and styling for the new and I must say I feel really good about it. It is rewarding to me to come up with and then implement a design that actually looks good.

What's been particularly rewarding to me this time around is building the entire theme from scratch. I've learned a little bit more about templating for WordPress, and my love for the platform is ever-increasing.

I can't wait to put this live. I just don't know when... I'll have it finished next week. I have probably 90% of the styling done, have one IE 6 bug to fix, and then I'll start getting other bits together like the AgapeFest flickr group photostream integrated. I'm also planning to do Twitter integration and some other stuff. Anyway.

After the site goes live I'll package and release the new theme to the WordPress user community via the WordPress theme repository.