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I decided back in September...

I decided back in September to join the Greenville Choral Union to sing Handel's Messiah once more. I haven't done this since I was apart of GC Choir and the first week I could tell how long it had been since I had sung any serious choral music.

Doc threw in a doozy though. We're also singing Bach. And it is HARD. So hard that it makes me frustrated. Mainly because I want to do it really well, but there's no way with the limited amount of practice we have as a group. With amateur singers from the community and GC Choir members that can't sing (I swear! Doc's either getting sloppy or they are just really lazy choir members), it makes hearing a bass part in a Bach piece maddening.
I think the biggest problem is once a week rehearsals for an hour and a half. To even pull off something like Messiah and Bach's Mass... is a great accomplishment for any choir. But to expect a community driven, hodge-podged group to do it justice... oh man. I feel like I have to carry some of the pieces, and in the Bach, I am so unsure in most places that I sometimes just start moving my lips and cut out the sound.
It's a great experience, but I wish there was a serious community choir. Or that I could just perform with GC Choir. I miss choral singing.