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I am against Fad Politics

So what's with this hipster "We Love Obama" fad? I mean since Obama hasn't actually said anything intelligent, there's no way they can be supporting him based on his "platform". Most of them love their stimulus checks and are going to spend the money someplace, so it can't be because of the Democratic party's stance on taking money from the middle class to give a free ride to those who don't contribute to society. I don't get it.

When I talk to the members of this young American "we want change (even if it screws us over because we're ignorant)" crowd I don't get any kind of good reasoned purpose to their support. It's either "My parents are staunch Republicans and George Bush has ruined our country" or "We need to pull out of the war" or "He just understands our generation" or "CHANGE!". Absolutely ridiculous.

I'd say most of us are middle class to upper middle class. I know I am like, just on the bottom fringe of this status. I don't make much, but I make enough to have a good life. I'm also fairly Libertarian in that I think you should take responsibility for yourself. I don't want all of my hard earned money going to taxes to support those that don't contribute. Change for the sake of change isn't good. Usually that screws things up the worst.

And I don't see these Obama supporters giving their money freely to programs to help children get healthcare or fund the welfare system or unemployment services. That's what the Democratic party plans to do. This universal healthcare and all. It's a crock. Every person in the middle class will get more money stolen from them to fund the drug habits and groceries and immobile lifestyles of those who choose not to contribute to society. Leave welfare-style systems to churches--it makes more sense. Don't steal money from those of us that work for it.

What about pulling out of Iraq? Okay. Sure. I'll bite.

The Democratic contenders are operating under the flawed notion that the US has the same superpower status and reputation it once did, just after WWII.

Well, we don't. Our reputation is a lot lower than it once was. If we pull all of our troops out of Iraq in a month we will not only be letting violence spread in the middle East, but guaranteeing more attacks on our own soil.

Bush starting the war was definitely a bad idea, but us not sticking around and fixing his mistake is a worse one. But of course we are so blinded by our hipster wannabe cool and "different just like everyone else" attitudes that we can't think beyond that smiling talking head on TV.

My high school history teacher posted this on his blog:

New from Hillary Clinton
"That’s not a market. That’s a monopoly," she said, saying she'd use anti-trust law and the World Trade Organization to take on OPEC. source

I am sure after they stop laughing they will of course take her seriously. OPEC is not an organization that is going to care about what the WTO says, and they really will not care about an anti-trust action in the U.S. Just imagine if such an action were brought, and they simply chose to stop sending oil to the U.S. for a short period of time...maybe 2 to 3 months...that would really have a pleasant effect on our economy...wouldn't it?
...and how about a little update on Barack Obama's position on Iran...

Making clear that he planned to talk to Iran without preconditions, Mr. Obama emphasized further that “changes in behavior” by Iran could possibly be rewarded with membership in the World Trade Organization, other economic benefits and security guarantees. “We are willing to talk about certain assurances in the context of them showing some good faith,” he said in the interview at his campaign headquarters here. “I think it is important for us to send a signal that we are not hellbent on regime change, just for the sake of regime change, but expect changes in behavior. And there are both carrots and there are sticks available to them for those changes in behavior.” source

Hmmmmm....I wonder if he realizes that THEY might have preconditions that they might want met before they are willing to meet with our people...again, Barack Obama just does not seem to have either the experience or the wisdom to lead this nation.

...and just to point out one obvious thing from this article....the U.S. WAS attempting to negotiate with the tell me again how the White House is against such negotiation.

I really can't believe the naïveté  of both democratic candidates. I mean, idealism is great for garnering votes, but someday the American people will wake up and notice that their lifesavings is going into their cars and that their wartime ration cards just aren't quite getting them enough food.

And that is exactly what their platforms are based on: Idealism. What about basing at least a few things on reality? Just wake up.

That's my overdue political rant. At least think about the issues at hand and both sides of the coin. It's ridiculous to go out for a party to defy your parents or to look cool or because the guy (or girl) wears a nice suit and is younger than the other candidates.

And this will probably be my only political post  until elections. It's just stupid to be a sheep and go with the crowd. If you support Obama, or Clinton, or McCain--or even Nader--have a reason for it. No. Strike that. Have a well reasoned purpose for it. Don't fall for the hype.