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Home Networking

I got a NAS!

My D-Link DNS-321 came yesterday and is running well. Although... I haven't put any data on it. I've sort of been messing with fun plugs and features and stuff.

The greatest benefit to this NAS is the Linux kernel underneath. That lets me add whatever features I want (within reason and skillset anyway). So I'm busy setting up Bonjour (for our Macs), Firefly (for iTunes sharing), and a bunch of other things.

I need to brush up on my Linux commands... because I am way out of practice when it comes to working in a terminal. But it's going okay. I'm gettin' there.

Photos of the NAS to come, I hope. If you've got tips for working with the DNS-321/323 PLEASE let me know in the comments or with the Contact link at the top. I'd appreciate any help I can get.

Hope you're having a good week!