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Holidays Recap 2008

Wow. What a long week and a half. Jess and I just got back home to our cold, cold house a few hours ago and are still waiting for it to warm up.

In the last couple of weeks we've been in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, and Michigan. We have seen all kinds of family and friends. It was absolutely wild.

We got into West Virginia late 23 December and went to sleep. Christmas Eve we made food and went to the Christmas Eve service at the Hunts' church. Christmas morning we woke up and went to mass (yes, protestant and catholic in the same holiday). After mass we opened presents with Jessica's parents and sister.

I got some pretty cool gifts this year. My wife got me a Kiev-15. It is awesome. I also got a Flip camera from my in-laws, a GPS from my parents, clothes, a pepper mill (been needing one for a while), lots of coffee & Starbucks gift cards, an apron, and some other stuff. By far the Kiev and the GPS are my favourites.
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I've got tons more photos to post, but have lots of scanning and editing to do.

After Christmas we hung out with our Stonestreet friends Lauren, Stephen and Andrew. It was a lot of fun. Andrew's new EP is absolutely ridiculous, and I've offered to help him market himself online. That'll be a good and fun project. His music is getting so so so so GOOD, and he deserves to be heard.

New Years, we had a amazing meal at a bistro in South Hills. I had pistachio crusted sweetbreads, salad with mushroom tartine, seared squab and foie gras, and apple tart. Others had filet mignon, venison... it was delicious.

Jess and I flew out to Detroit on New Year's Day and spent a few days with my family and extended family. We had a great time going to Frankenmuth, hanging out with my cousins and little second cousins, and celebrating my great-grandma's 100th birthday.

Overall, it's been a busy and seemingly long break. I'm feeling recharged, but more ready to move on to Syracuse (still praying for that) and grad school hopefully this summer.

More photos coming!