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Help Me Create An Assessment

Hey! This is my first attempt at crowdsourcing on my blog, but I need help from you guys and gals. Here's the skinny:

I'm teaching a basic web design class this fall semester. Supposedly most of the students won't know anything about XHTML, CSS, divs, javascript, headers... anything. But I know some of them will. I don't want to start the class out too slowly, so the very first thing I'm having them do is take an assessment for me to gauge what they know and don't know.

But I need help with questions. Will you help me out? If I can get 10 people to leave a question about web design in the comments, I will be a very happy camper. If more than 10 do this, I'll be ecstatic.

Questions should be relatively basic (probably not getting too detailed into browser-specific hacks or JS logic), and can concern HTML, XHTML, CSS, tags, elements, floats, images and even go into things like RSS, PHP (well, server-side scripting) and basic JS.

So what do you say? Help!!!