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Happiness Is All the Rage

I've got so many reasons right now to be happy and excited for the future, and I just needed to write it down. Because I really am pretty happy... I just don't know where to focus myself.

First off, at work we got moved into our new offices, and they are fantastic. I have a standing desk, a new 27" iMac to work on, and am surrounded by our open design studio (plus huge windows). It's so great. I feel more productive, and in the first week people were telling me that I seemed happier. Standing most of the day has been fantastic for my health, so far. I'm super tired when I get home, which means I sleep harder. Being up on my feet all day has also contributed to speeding up my metabolism, and I've been losing some weight. All good things.

Second, I'm not taking any classes this summer. I only have 9 credit hours left on my MA (3hrs of regular coursework, 3hrs of Methods, and 3hrs for my thesis), and I have to stretch them over two semesters. So with all of this newly acquired time, I'm going to work on some personal development. I'm going to play more guitar, read some books for pleasure, read in preparation for my thesis proposal, and start learning Russian.

Third, we ordered my Fiat 500!!!

And there are a bunch of hopefuls: new job interviews for Jessica, a great trip to California coming up, my little sister's High School graduation (and the awesome present we're getting her), spending time with my family...

So much great stuff going on.