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Grad Thesis: Our Foreign Selves

Now that I am all graduated and such, I know some of you wanted to read my graduate thesis. It's titled Our Foreign Selves: Mapping Transnational Media in a Real-time World. The (revised) abstract and PDF download link are below.

News and entertainment media once limited to their home regions now find a global audience, bringing with them messages and cultural idiosyncrasies to an audience adjusted to simple media consumption. As these cultural ideas enter transnational conversation, societies passively appropriate them into everyday discourse. Recognising those messages and understanding their effect is imperative to managing each society’s cultural development and identity. In analysing two transnational media events for their messages, this paper reveals the similarities and differences in major media reporting in separate cultural contexts, offering an entry point to the development of a transnational media literacy.

Download the PDF with these restrictions:

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