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Google Wave Disappointment

Yes, I know it's probably too early to be talking about this, seeing at Wave is still in its preview. But I'm a little bit disappointed in it. This is probably just because the web app isn't feature complete. Still, at this point I can't see myself using it as broadly as it was represented in the announcement video.

For one, it's just confusing to keep track of who is writing/changing what when you have multiple people working on the same wave. It's also tough even to reply to other wavelets that are sitting there. Some of the UI still seems really rough and not at all intuitive. Maybe they're working on this.

But I think that that is my biggest issue with it. It's so confusing to work in that I just get turned off to it. At least in IM you know who is talking when. In Google Docs you can save and edit - though the changes by other people don't display in realtime. I guess the collaborative part of it is the point. It's a realtime wiki, basically. And I suppose that's okay. But it certainly doesn't feel ready for all of the other tasks it was suggested for when Google premiered it.

Oh well.

I've still got a few Wave nominations. Anyone want one? First come, first served. (You can also tweet @joelgoodman)