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I am presently watching Thank You for Smoking, which I first saw in a theater in Huntington, WV with Jessica, Danny and Anna. This movie is funny.

So, we're less than two weeks away from the music festival. A couple of bands backed out a week ago and we had to replace them. Phil Wickham and Spoken are the subs. I'm pretty excited about Phil Wickham coming out because that means Dan Bailey (who drums for Phil) will be here as well which is cool. I haven't seen Dan in a couple of years.

This week I'll be putting together pass lists, finishing the design of the passes, working with the student cabinet to make sure everything is done and probably planning for the next year.

Apparently my camera only takes pictures of Cors. That's an exaggeration, but he for sure takes up a majority of my photos on flickr. Greenville's a sleepy town and I think I'm bored with it. So I don't think to take photos of things that I've seen every day for the last six odd years. It'll be inspiring, I think, to travel with my camera. I'm sure Portugal and Ireland will lend their beauty to my lenses.

Hoping to have the WGRN site finished this week. It should be pretty quick. I'm nearly done. I don't think I can do the song updating on the front page. It's just not going to work with the old version of Simian they're running. But maybe in the future. Simian sucks. Otherwise, the site looks good.

So that's a quick update on what I'm doing. Cheers.