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I've heard a lot of great feedback from people (even if they're NOT commenting here) on the new design. Yay! I still like it one full day later, so I guess that's saying something. And my blog hits jumped from 5 the day before I released it to 175 after the announcement. Not too shabby!

So, other things in life. I have decided to apply to The New School for the Spring. They have a MA in Media Studies available for online study; and though I would miss the on-campus aspects of networking and living in New York, I really need to get on with this or we'll be stuck in Greenville for a long time. Plus, from what I've read, many students think the online program is more intensive, because it forces you to interact with the class as opposed to just showing up.

If that works out I would be starting in January. I'm not exactly sure how long the program lasts, but I'm guessing longer than the SU year-long masters. In any case, I'm excited about the possibility.

In other news, we dropped our standard satellite package with DishNetwork and picked up one of their HD-only packages. It's saving us about $5 a month and we're only paying for channels we watch (and some friggin' sweet ones I didn't know existed - like Palladia... OH MY GOSH. So good.) and they're better quality. I'm excited to watch LOST tomorrow night in High Definition. There are only two channels we miss that aren't in HD yet, and those are IFC and BBC America. BBCA was supposed to release in HD last year, but didn't. So BBCA, get your act together and give me Top Gear in HD, please.

And also exciting is that Jessica has been unpacking our kitchen! She said it was like Christmas morning yesterday and it made her want to write thank-you notes to people all over again. Most of the stuff we have has been packed away since we first moved out of Greenville about 6 months after the wedding. It's nice to get all of it out and cleaned. We have awesome dishes that I had forgotten about.

So. That's the wonderful world of me right now. We need a vacation sometime this year since we're not moving. Anyone have a recommendation? We need not-too-expensive and preferably someplace with history. That or we could save up and go visit Harry in Yeovil, Somerset, UK. That would be fun. But not so "not-too-expensive". We'll see.