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Go and see Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

Wow. Ben Stein did a fantastic job with this film. I was inspired.

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed is a film about breaking down the barrier in the modern scientific world between Darwinism and Intelligent Design. But it's not a movie about Creationism or religion or anything. It's a movie about returning science to its intended state of questioning and scepticism - and open-mindedness toward any possible option.

Ben Stein, the star of Comedy Central's hit Win Ben Stein's Money, 80s sitcom The Wonder Years and those amazing Clear Eyes commercials travelled around the world interviewing educators who were dismissed from their often times tenured positions at prestigious institutions for merely mentioning (not teaching or even necessarily endorsing at that time) Intelligent Design as well as leading Darwinian Evolutionists like Richard Dawkins. 

What results is a documentary of exploration that brings to the surface of the media the suppression of an alternative view of science. But this movie is not specifically about Intelligent Design nor whether it is right or wrong. Expelled seeks to give equal chance to all scientific inquiry, which I think is a fair and noble quest.

It's really entertaining in that quirky Ben Stein way. I really recommend it to anyone. Whether you believe in a God or not. That's not the point of this film. It's about keeping freedom of thought, speech and scientific exploration alive in our world. And that is more important than ever as our freedoms are continually taken away from us in this modern fear-driven world.

Go see it!

Ben Stein is EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed