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Futuristic is my number one

Today was stormy... looking. I don't think it has actually rained yet, which is okay. But the clouds are just thin enough that the light is super-diffused, which means if I was to take photos today outside, the sky would be blown out. And I was going to. But I think we'll wait till it gets closer to dusk and then drive out to Durley to get some good 'ol Midwest summer shots. The corn is just tall enough.

So rather than going outside or doing anything productive on the house, we turned on Kingdom of Heaven (the director's cut) and I've been working on a new office suite. Which really contains just a letterhead, as most of my stuff gets sent in PDF anyway and not actually printed.

The letterhead is the same as my upcoming blog redesign's header. Which is how I like it. Keeps some continuity going as I really do want people to visit my site after taking a look at my résumé or CV or business card.

And the reason I did this? Because I am working on my grad school application. And that application includes a few documents that will just look better on letterhead. It's nice to actually be moving forward on this. I've got my GRE scheduled for August 25th and hopefully will have the application in shortly afterward. Then, prayerfully, I will get in to the program and we will be moving to New York in the Summer of 2009.

I can't tell you how badly I want to get into this program. It's so exciting and interesting and... exactly what I want to do with my life.

Now to get started on that personal statement...