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Fresh New Servers

For the past two years this site has been hosted at Dreamhost. Over the past 8 months or so this has been horrible. The worst thing ever in some ways. Apparently the three active WordPress sites I had running at Dreamhost were killing my shared hosting account. This meant the sites would 404 A LOT. I took the appropriate actions that Dreamhost recommended. I cached the hell out of the site, really cut down on plugins used, optimized my JS and CSS... still, no change. I even started using Cloudflare (awesome by the way) to cache and serve my site from their pseudo-CDN.

Nothing worked. It really made me upset. They are one of the more expensive shared hosts out there and three WP sites brought my hosting to a crawl.

Luckily, I work for Dept 3 and we have a fairly solid MediaTemple (dv). Randall carved me out some space and I am now back to something I wasn't able to do at Dreamhost: WordPress Multisite. With the awesome Domain Mapping plugin, I am able to host all of my sites on one WP instance, all with their own URLs.

So, my blog can still be found at, and it can now also be found at simply I am still moving over my academic blog, A Not-So-Commonplace Book, and planning some template upgrades to it. Jessica's site,, is still having its DNS propagated, but is also up and running.

Feels good to be stable again.