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Well, I decided to try Flock again. I am actually post this from the browser using their built-in thingymajob. I'm still not sold. I mean, it seems really cool to have all your social network stuff in a sidebar, but it doesn't work. It's just not fun to use.

I tested Flock back when it was in beta and thought it was decent. Then quit because I hated how it handled bookmarks. It just didn't work for me while using it during work. So I came back to it a while later to try it and the entire interface had changed! And not for the better.

In any case, Webware mentioned an update so I decided to try it again. I hate it. Sorry, I just do. It seems like it could be SO cool. But it's not. It's just annoying to look at (at least on a Mac) and cluttered and hard to figure out. It's bad.

My verdict: stay away. It's not as cool as it could or should be. Back to my trusty combo of Safari and Camino. After only about 20minutes of using this, and 15 minutes of that was typing out this blog.


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