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First shoot done.

Wow. Yesterday was a) a lot of fun, and b) hard work. It was great hanging out with Pancho all day taking photos. I learned a lot, got more practice with a speedlight strobe and got to see a lot of friends. It was a good time.

I'm going to try and get the photos I took on Pancho's 20D from him to put in my portfolio. I think I got some really cool shots yesterday. Pancho is really good at setting up poses and stuff, and he had me take photos of the "detail" stuff that he wasn't able to get. That included candids of everyone while he was posing them, shots of the bride and groom holding hands... special looks, the flower girls watching people dancing. Those sorts of things.

I didn't get many good ones on my D80, but I didn't shoot too much with it. But if Pancho keeps giving me these jobs I'll be able to buy an SB-800 (or 900) speedlight. Which is something I'd like to add to my kit.

It was a good experience and a lot of fun. Also, a big congratultions goes to Jason and Vanessa Starbird. I knew them in college and it was a great experience being able to capture their big day in still frame for them!