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First Pedal Build: Victory

This month I found a new obsession.

Some good friends of mine from college have been building custom guitar effects pedals for years, so I sought out their help and started on my own project.

About a month ago I was playing bass at church and during communion the band got up on stage. I was tuning up and the battery on the tuner died. And the mute on the pedal died. A loud tuning note went through my amp and the house speakers, kind of being a distraction to everyone who wasn't on stage.

So yeah, first things first, I guess I could've just gotten a power supply for the pedal - which I did... and a new tuner pedal that isn't owned by the church. But what I really wanted to do was build an A/B tuner mute switch.

A/B tuner mute switch


So I ordered some parts and got a schematic recommendation and this week I built it. And now I'm hooked. Next up, I'm building an overdrive pedal with Russian transistors. Just waiting for them to get here from Ukraine.

Such a fun project.

Thanks to @ianrmcdermott and @matthewgood for their help and direction.